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To my fellow brotherhood of veterans and those who are seeking relief from what we know as PTSD, and all it’s dark side effects. Before seeking help, I was suffering chronic nightly paralyzing nightmares and carried an over bearing weight of guilt that also hurt my relationship and those around me. I experienced violent nightmares every night for 4 years. It wasn’t until I was treated by 2 sessions of EMDR that I was able to diminish the amount of nightmares down from every night to once a month. It has literally given me a second chance to live my life again. One of the greatest variables of this treatment is that it did not require me to speak or share the horrific experiences, scenarios and smells that most of us have encountered within a combat environment. We have given so much to our country as veterans and I encourage you to take your life back so you may enjoy what we fought so hard for.

- A Former American Soldier Army 82nd Airborne 4th Brigade 2/508 P.I.R. Bravo Company


For years I have felt as if my heart had a constant un-healing emotional wound. I had tried many forms of treatment to heal the empty feeling, but I never felt that I had truly resolved my past. I was amazed when I finished my EMDR session. I felt this incredible warmth within, a sense of complete peace. I feel like I have addressed every trouble I had ever experienced in a very direct way. I have not felt this whole in a very long time.

- Lindsay C.


After back to back surgeries and hospitalizations, I was plagued with the fear of being re-hospitalized for any reason. I knew that being a patient in the hospital again was simply a matter of time. After one session I was no longer fearful. I had recurring nightmares for one year prior to treatment and afterwards I have had none. I have been hospitalized at least half a dozen time since and undergone two more surgeries without reliving the trauma.

- Betsy H.


Having issues from my childhood that still manifest in my adult life, I have extreme anxiety. It led me to not live my life to the fullest in some areas. I sometimes chose not to fly on an airplane and would miss vacation opportunities. I had a session a little over a year ago and I have noticed my anxiety immediately decreased to a very manageable level. I have since flown out of state twice with no need of any anti-anxiety medications.

- Justin M.


I thought we were going to talk about my trauma and the standard “how does that make you feel?” This therapy was nothing like that. I had avoided topics in my life because saying them out loud made it feel more painful. I took great relief in knowing I did not have to share what I was revisiting out loud. I only needed to picture the event and allow myself to revisit those memories. The memories were painfully vivid and I struggled to stay in the moment I had tried for so long to compartmentalize. Feeling safe in the knowledge that if I could not take what my head was remembering, I could open my eyes and the images would stop. I was not prepared for the emotional release I experienced, but it felt like a burden lifted. This has helped me let go of a lot of old sadness, anger and confusion that I had not allowed myself to feel or process.

- Lisa S.


I witnessed a horrible incident. My boyfriend and father to my child committed suicide in front of me. In that one instant, my world completely shattered into a million pieces. I felt the weight of his death on my shoulders. I had one trauma therapy session and woke up the next day feeling calm and serene.Since then the peaceful effects have continued to increase. I cannot explain why the therapy works; it just does. My friends and family are continually amazed at how well I am coping with the event’s aftermath. Now my brain no longer feels the need to continually replay the tragedy. I am able to go on and continue with my life.

- Denise W.