(Self-Effective-Rapid Eye Movement)

Se-REM is Audio Self Help. It is an advanced version of EMDR Therapy. EMDR is recommended by The American Psychiatric Association, The Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs, The US Defense Dept., and The World Health Organization. Se-REM has Restored Thousands of Lives.

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Se-REM is the most powerful and effective self-help aid that has ever been developed.

It allows you to direct your own personal therapy and recovery from any trauma and stress. You only need to daydream while your brain is stimulated into an REM state. It is during REM (rapid eye movement state of sleep) that your brain is at its full potential to process and resolve all the negative emotions that can stay lodged in your brain for years after any trauma. These emotions are lodged in a portion of the brain called the amygdala and will often stay there even after treatment with traditional therapies.

You can take charge of your own therapy. Decide ahead of using Se-REM, which traumas in your life you are prepared to visualize. By day dreaming and to some extent reliving the event while you are totally relaxed, your brain concludes it is not necessary to hold onto the fear, or terror or sadness or anger because the event is in the past and it no longer needs to be relevant in your day to day life. If reliving or daydreaming about the whole event provokes more emotion than you want, you can turn off the music and return to do more therapy later.

The Se-REM program Download is so effective, if you are not helped by this program Download, Ask for a Refund and it will be granted.

2 minute video

Se-REM can resolve these Problems

Below are some of the traumas that can be resolved or improved through using  Se-REM .

Military PTSD, Childhood Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Violent trauma, Loss or Grief, Anxiety Attacks, Phobias, Spousal infidelity, Anger or Rage, Nightmares, Couple’s conflicts, Obsessive thinking, Medical trauma, Car or Airplane trauma, and Insomnia.

 Se-REM  is not effective for the following problems:

  • Depression
  • Childhood neglect
  • Financial problems
  • Weight loss
  • Communication issues
  • Brain injury
  • Addiction

This self help program is years in development. It has been tested on clients with every type of stress and trauma. Some clients will use it once and feel so resolved that they do not need to use it again. Others have used it multiple times each week to not only resolve events in their past but to control the stress in their current lives.

 Se-REM combines elements of 6 therapies that make them all more effective together.  It begins with a relaxation exercise, (for some it will be self-hypnotic).  It uses EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which creates a REM (rapid eye movement) brain state. Child within therapy asks the listener to be an Adult to comfort and love the child within.  Music therapy adds to the relaxation and Awe Therapy (connecting profoundly with Nature).  Se-REM concludes with Mindfulness, being in the moment, positive affirmation, self esteem building, and Motivation.  It inspires you to be the best person you can be.