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Directions For Use - 2 Ways to Use Se-REM

  1. Using earbuds or earphones, sit in a safe and quiet place, 60 minutes of having a Daydream. Eyes closed, sitting in a chair. Be open to whatever emotions come up. This will dissolve your traumatic emotions.
    Focus on the visual images associated with your hurt and trauma.  The first time a person uses Se-REM, their response will partly depend on how defended they are from experiencing their own strong emotions.  Some may be on guard the first time through.  But, once they are assured that the content is all positive, they may do it again and benefit fully.  Many people use Avoidance as their primary coping mechanism. That is healthy in childhood, but not as an adult.  There are some people whose whole system is so oriented to avoidance they will go to sleep.  It is helpful to know why this is happening so you can push yourself to stay awake and allow whatever feelings to come up and be expressed.                                                                                                                                                                                      If you find yourself with an excessive amount of emotion, you can use Se-REM in the alternate way until you are ready to do more emotional work.


2.  Alternate way to use Se-REM for Obsessive thinking that is a part of most trauma.  With eyes open -               Walk with Se-REM using earbuds for 40-60 minutes.  Ignore the guided imagery in the program.                          Think obsessively about the trauma or hurtful or anxious elements.  The Bi-lateral music will help                    your brain process the trauma on a deeper level allowing you to end the obsessive thinking.

To Other Therapists:

I have used this therapy session with thousands of clients and have had miraculous results. It has helped clients who previously would have had little chance of change or reducing their pain or their problem behavior. Se-REM promotes change so effectively it has helped individuals and even marital couples make changes that at other times would have been impossible. You can use Se-REM in your office, or have clients do it at home and then process their experience with you in their next session. Please consider using it for your own clients and you may find that change becomes more possible.