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  2. David Busch on January 15, 2018 at 11:07 pm

    Have you ever wondered what effect your childhood has on your parenting? Humans are gradually learning over many centuries, what children need. Today, still, most people graduate from childhood with significant wounds. The parents that were the WWII generation were only barely aware of the emotional needs of their kids. Having lived through the Depression they were satisfied to feed and clothe their kids. They had lived through financial hardship, maybe even gone hungry and they took some pride in their well fed kids. To them, their kids, the Baby Boomers were the indulged generation.
    The WWII parents were the last generation to generally believe that whipping their kids with belts was normal. They had been raised, often by immigrants, who were more likely to be verbally and physically abusive. These parents were influenced by the socially accepted norm that children should be seen and not heard, and to spare the rod would spoil the child.
    Children have always been exceptionally vulnerable to hurt. They have no defense mechanisms to protect themselves from abusive or angry behavior. To them, their parents are Giants that control their world. Intuitively they know they would not survive in the big mysterious world without their parents. They also know intuitively, as little animals, their much bigger parents are physically capable of killing them. Without actually thinking this thought, a child still knows it is true.
    When a parent or couple are angry and yelling, this is more frightening to a child than most parents realize. When the anger becomes physical, it is terrifying.
    Today’s parents are more aware than ever before of children’s need for nurturing and attention. Even parents that were abused are determined to do so much better.
    There is nothing that helps people let go of their abused past than Se-REM. It not only dissolves the past pain, it helps you self-nurture and gives you the strength and resolve to reach deeper into your own ability to nurture your kids. davidb@se-rem.com